Re-energising your Team

Students visiting the Phoenix Park
December 6, 2017
Phoenix Park Bikes
April 24, 2018

Re-energising your Team

Are you planning on bringing your team to a Workshop, Seminar or Brain storming meeting.

Maybe you have a day or a couple of days planned of extensive meetings….

Be ahead of the game…

Its only natural that your team will loose steam at some stage through out the day(s).

There will always be a slump when they will not be functioning to the best of their ability. Maybe the slump will hit midday after lunch. The afternoon arrives, heads get heavy, minds start to wander and roaming eyes start to watch the clock instead of fully participating in the present event / meeting.

Foresee the dip in energy and plan ahead.

Plan for an energising activity to help break the day AND you will get major brownie points from your team for doing this!


Recent Example:



Ashling Hotel with its amazing corporate facilities, hosts many seminars, workshops and corporate group meetings throughout the year.



We, at Phoenix Park Bikes (located just a 5 minute walk from the Ashling Hotel) have in turn been a part in hosting some of these groups in between hours to help awaken the “tired team”. To re boost and revitalise their energy and minds

NOTHING beats getting out into the open fresh air.

We recently hosted a large Swedish group breaking from a seminar in the Ashling hotel.


With 50 participants in all, they were broken into 3 groups and brought into the park for an hour. The groups explored the park on Segway’s, E-bikes, Regular bikes and Tandems


They arrived back to the hotel for the afternoon buzzing!

Wide awake and ready for the afternoon ahead…













Corporate Activities available in the Phoenix Park:

Bike rental / Bike tours

Segway Tours

A variety of team building challenges and tasks.

Phoenix Park Treasure Hunt (Cycle – Segway activity optional)

Dublin Treasure Hunt (Walking)

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