About Us


Phoenix Park Bikes, established in August 2015 is now the largest bike rental company in the Capital City. Exciting stuff! Located at the main entrance to the Phoenix Park Dublin, it creates the perfect opportunity for you, the visitor to grab a bike on the way into experiencing this enormous park. Before you head off, grab a free map of the park and information from the friendly staff on duty.

Our Team

Our Team are a passionate group of Outdoor enthusiasts. We are all involved in a variety of different outdoor activities and love what we do. Its in our nature to share our local knowledge with anyone who asks - be it local information about The Park, Dublin city or Ireland as a whole, routes to travel, equipment to bring - Whatever it is, come in and visit us and we will do our best to help you.

Conal Keaney

Conal has a wide range of experience from a variety of sectors including Tourism, Outdoor Adventure, Marketing, Public Relations and Sales along with Events & Relationship Management Conal is not only driven and successful in business he also is a top level athlete where he has been playing Football and Hurling for Dublin since 2002.
With this experience he is a very strong team player with a vigorous work ethic and has the ability to motivate people to exceed their benchmark performance. Conal holds a Degree in Engineering and has been working in the Tourism Industry for the 5 years.