Terms & Conditions

1. Phoenix Park Bikes (hereinafter referred to as “PPB”) t provides access to Bicycles for Hire by customers in the Phoenix Park.

2. All bikes must be used in a reasonably and responsible way.

3. The period of hire is the agreed time in which the bike will be used, failure to abide by this will result in the forfeiture of a deposit

4. The customer is responsible for the bicycle hired and must make every effort to avoid damage to the bicycle or its destruction or disappearance.

5. The customer undertakes to inform the PPB as swiftly as possible of the loss, theft, any accident or any other problem in relation to the us of a bicycle. In any event the bicycle shall remain under the responsibility of the customer in accordance with the terms of paragraph [ 6, 7 & 8 ] herein.

6. The bicycle remains at all times the property of the PPB. The customer is expressly forbidden to allow any third party to use the bicycle in anyway whatsoever, whether for free or against consideration.

7. The service provided by the PPB is also accessible to children between the ages of 14 to 18 once the bicycles are hired by their legal guardian under the liability of this clause and in accordance with paragraph [ 8 ] below.

8. The customer is authorised to use the bicycle in accordance with the terms hereof, provided that such use is reasonable which excludes the following:

(a) Any use contrary to the provisions of the Rules of the Road and current traffic regulations;

(b) Any use on land or under conditions that are likely to damage the bicycles;

(c) The transportation of any passenger under any circumstances;

(d) Any use of the bicycle causing a danger to the customer or to third parties;

(e) Any dismantling or attempt to dismantle all or part of the bicycle, and more

(f) Generally, any abnormal use of a bicycle.

9. Any goods carried by customers, either on their person or on the bicycle is at the risk of the customer.

10. Damage to or the soiling of a customer’s clothing while using a bicycle is at the risk of the customer

11. Cancellation Policy

Cancellation of bike rental reservations must be sent by email up to 24 hours before the booking. Cancellation fees may apply and please note all cancellation fees are “per person.”
Any refunds due will be processed within 7 days of receipt of your cancellation.
Transaction fees such as credit card, Paypal, Stripe or any other type of third party fees are non-refundable.
There is no refund for returning your bike or ending your cycling tour early or arriving late.
We do not make any refunds for any unused portion of your Bike Hire period.
If a scheduled tour/rental is cancelled due to poor weather conditions such as heavy rain, customers may reschedule their booking for another date.
In all other cases of cancellation, credit/refund will be available to costumers that only notify us via email or telephone at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled tour/rental.
There is no refund for cancellation within a 24 hour period of the actual booking. It is at Phoenix Park Bikes discretion whether to reschedule a last minute cancellation.


12. The customer is fully and solely liable for any damage caused by the use made of a bicycle during the Hire Period and including when the Hire Period is exceeded in the event of a late return by the customer.

13. The customer agrees to pay for the rental of the bike and any additional fee that is applicable for any mistreatment of the bicycle. In case a part of the bicycle is broken because of mistreatment, lost or stolen, the following additional fees will be charged: New wheel as result of buckle or other mishap from €50, Derailleur from €35, Broken Chain from €15, Stolen Bike from €350 (These prices are at the discretion of the owner depending on the value of the bike at the time of the incident)

14. The parents, legal guardians or Group Leader of any minor children will be held liable for any damage caused directly or indirectly by the minor as a result of using the service.

15. A bicycle that has not been returned after 24 hours have expired since the ending of a Hire Period will be considered as a case of disappearance until the bicycle is found or returned.

16. The Client will ensure that the bike is adequately secured when not in use and will immediately notify the Company or one of it’s representatives in the event of any theft, loss, breakdown or other occurrence relating to the bike or associated accessories.

17. In the event that the bike and/or any accessories are lost or stolen the Client shall indemnify the Company for the costs of replacing those items. Should the equipment subsequently be returned in a satisfactory condition these moneys will be repaid.

18. In the event of an accident and/or incident involving the bicycle, the customer is under obligation to inform the PPB of the facts as soon as is reasonably practicable.

The customer remains liable for the bicycle until such time as it is locked to a stand or handed over in person to a representative of the PPB.

19. The customer declares that they are capable of using a bicycle and physically fit to do so.

20. Helmets and high vis. jackets are provided as part of the rental agreement and we recommend their use. Customer are advised to wear approved protective headgear at all times while using the equipment. Customers who decline wear helmets provided have done so at their own will and their own peril.

21. The client expressly undertakes not to use the rented bicycles if drank alcohol or took drugs in excess (it is understood by “in excess” meanining quantity over the legal limit established for motor-driven vehicles. The Client undertakes to answer for all legal or economic consequences that may arise in case of failure to comply with this norm.

22. Since the customer is liable for the bicycle, prior to using the bicycle the customer must carry out a basic check on the main visible working parts, in particular (but not limited to: Brakes, Handle Bars, Gears, Frame, Seat Adjustment, Wheels and Tyres. The customer undertakes to return the bike and any accessories in that same condition, or to make a payment to the Company, immediately on demand, sufficient to return the bike to that condition

23. You are not insured by the company to use the bicycle and you do so entirely at your own risk. It is advised that you take out your own public liability insurance if you do not have such a policy already in place.

24. These Conditions of Use are subject to Irish Law. Any dispute arising from the performance and consequences thereof shall be brought before the courts of Ireland to which the Parties expressly attribute jurisdiction, including in the event of Summary Judgements, introduction of Third Parties or numerous Defendants.