School Forest Tours

Rut Season in the Phoenix Park
September 18, 2019
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September 25, 2020

School Forest Tours

NEW for 2020!

School Tours in the Phoenix Park


New and exciting…. These School Forest Tours provide the kids with the opportunity to explore the natural environment, experience appropriate risk & challenge and direct their own learning.

These tours, take place in a natural forest environment encouraging children to think creatively – to step out of their comfort zone and take risks. It will teach them how to move safely in the unpredictable and challenging space of a woodland. It also encourages them to work more closely with their peers.

A typical day’s itinerary will involve:

Arrival at Phoenix Park bikes to collect bikes.

Cycle to Furry Glen (About 5km) where the group will meet up with the team from Wild Awake.

Over the three hours following, the children will be inspired to awaken their curiosity in nature through awareness-enhancing games and natural crafts. Children will learn how to create their own wooden crafts to take home, kindle fire without matches, track animals, tie knots, forage for wild food and cook over an open fire. Activities are designed to encourage resilience, confidence and community in young people and to promote a love and care for the natural world.

Children will then cycle back to Phoenix Park Bikes to return their bikes.


Kit list Required:

A small backpack.
Wet gear (waterproof jacket & trousers) ESSENTIAL whatever the weather!
Wellington boots or waterproof hiking boots
Hat (for sun or cold)
Spare gloves and socks (in a plastic bag to keep them dry)
**Avoid cotton as it gets cold when wet. Use thermals and ski gear if you have it.
Bring a change of clothes for afterwards (Kids may be well mucky/wet)
Lunch and several snacks (please try and keep snacks healthy and energy-providing)
A bottle of water and a hot drink in a flask if you can
Any medication needed, please inform us in advance