An enjoyable cycle in the park

Best activity in Dublin
June 28, 2016
Friendly service and very decent bikes
November 1, 2016

An enjoyable cycle in the park

Whilst visiting friends in Dublin we decided to get out and enjoy the unseasonable weather last weekend.
They told us that Phoenix Park would be a good option (apparently the largest city park in Europe) and it was.Wanting to get out and enjoy the park we decided to hire a bike through Phoenix Park Bikes for us all and it was a great shout.I think we probably used every bike option available from them as there was 9 of us in total.
2 adult ladies bikes.
2 children’s 24inch bikes
1 child 20 inch bike
1 adult bike with tag along
1 adult bike with trailer

The advice to see the deer and routes to go was very welcome. Friendly and helpful service and overall a great afternoon, exercise, play park visit, deer viewing…….and no real hills to contend with!

Go and get out there.

Visited October 2016